Hey my name is Roddi, I’m 13.2hh, playful like a Labrador and about 8 years old. I've been part of the Encore team a long time now, in fact I was one of the original ponies here from almost the start! I just want to cuddle and give you a lick out of appreciation. I have a very big fan club, people know about me before I even know them, however I really enjoy meeting new people. I absolutely love seeing all the drawings clients take the time to do for me. You'll quite often see me in assessment and beginner lessons all the way through to participating in the more experienced group lessons too, I'm very versatile and adjust well to my rider. Love, Rodman.


BJ Biggles is the name, but you can call me BJ. I’m 28 going on 8, I don’t let my age define my capabilities. Although I may need a little more encouragement than the younger ponies to get going, I love doing my job and teaching many kids how to ride. I enjoy cuddles, carrots and naps, not to mention all the great people I get to help teach. In my 28 years I thought of many ways to help and challenge riders to be the best version of themselves. I hope you have strong legs, if you don’t you’ll get some very quickly, as lazy is my middle name. Sometimes! Hope to see you at your assessment lesson otherwise I’ll see you at your next lesson. Keep smiling, BJ.


People describe me as a versatile, considerate, gentle, kind hearted school master. I take pride in having the ability to help teach people who may have never ridden a horse before and to the other extreme of helping expand the knowledge of more experienced riders. I am very tolerant, patient and respectful of individuals learning and will go at your pace.  I love to be able to boost people’s confidence with their riding to help assist them to better their riding capabilities. I have education in dressage and lateral movements and have schooled over 1m jumps, but I am always happy to cruise around too. Making friends is what I do best, closely followed is eating as many treats as I can. Lots of love, Tana.


I may be the smallest pony on the team standing at 9hh but my personality makes up for my height, I’ll always greet you with a nicker! I’m thankful to the Encore team, as I’m a rescue pony and was given a second chance when I thought nobody else would. They saw my potential and believed in me. My time to shine is at pony parties, as I enjoy all the pampering and attention, it sends me to sleep. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel keep finding your way, as you’ll always be surround by light and happiness. See you soon, Plebs.


Pleasure to meet you, my name is Lucy, I’m a chestnut Thoroughbred mare who has had previous experience in a riding school before I came to Encore. I get described as a horse with a heart of gold and am extremely trusting of my rider and the people who look after me. My story is a little different compared to the other horses on the school team as I am missing one of my eyes. Before I came to Encore I was diagnosed with cancer, in order to give me a second chance on life I had to have an operation to remove my eye to make me healthy again. I am extremely thankful to those who were a part of my recovery, allowing me to continue my passion of helping people learn how to ride. Despite only having one eye this does not affect my capabilities of being an incredible school horse! Love, Lucy.


Majority of my lifetime has been as a school pony and I couldn’t think of a better way to have it. I am a little chestnut pocket rocket that will go above and beyond what is required of me. I best suit more competent beginners and riders who are ready to start further their skills as I like to teach my riders about the early introductions of basic dressage and how to jump.  I look forward giving you a cuddle and seeing you when you are at Encore next.

Love from Jimmy


Hi I’m Casper, I’m a flea bitten grey galloway and you will most likely meet me at your assessment lesson. I love to assist people with gaining their confidence and helping people with the foundations of riding before they move onto a more advanced horse. To help distinguish me from all the other grey horses that live at Encore, I’ve always got grass stains on my coat or dirt on my legs and I have super long eye lashes. I hope to see you down at the stalls.


Sparkles is one of our most experienced ponies. She can accommodate to beginner riders right through to the more experienced riders! Sparkles favourite discipline is games, she loves to race around a barrel pattern and have lots of fun.  She is 11hh of cuteness and never fails to make people smile!


Kiah is a sweet and loving 14hh Arabian mare. She loves going for rides in the XC paddock and enjoys teaching riders who are looking for a bit more of a challenge. She is a very smart little mare who has funny quirks - such as neighing when her rider dismounts! You’ll find her in the yards most days ready to teach people new and exciting things. 


Bindi is our oldest resident here, she is approximately 35 years old and thrives off her weekly lessons. She can sometimes be a little grumpy and lazy, but who wouldn’t be at that age! Her favourite time of the year is when she can teach new riders on holiday program days and spend majority of the time being brushed and decorated. 


Archie looks like he belongs in the show ring with his fancy four white socks and beautiful blaze! He is a very flashy and smart pony who has found a love for teaching riders in the school. He has come a long way in the short time here at Encore, and we look forward to seeing Archie progress in the school as time goes on. 


Greg is one of our golden oldies! Although not as old as his fellow schoolies, he is coming into his 20’s and starting to show his age. If you look closely enough you’ll see greys hairs on his face, which we think just adds character! Greg is very experienced as a riding school horse as he’s been doing this job for well over 10 years.


Kahn is a very valued member of the school horse team here at Encore. He is suited to the more experienced riders as he is trained in the dressage and jumping arena. Kahn’s favourite thing to do is show off his flashy trot and expressive canter in front of a crowd, he loves to be the centre of attention. 


Autumn is as cute as a button! She’s a forward moving pony but also loves to stand all day, every day for the kids to learn around. Autumn loves to be 1 on 1 with an instructor as she likes to teach the beginner riders the most, because really who would want to work for more than 30 minutes?


Pepper is our diamond in the rough horse! She is a beautiful grey warmblood x who loves to strut her stuff in the arena. Pepper loves to teach riders the foundations of dressage as well as progress them onto the more advanced movements. She has a knack for jumping and effortlessly soars over them with no problems. Pepper tries her heart out all of the time and we look forward to seeing her teach more riders over the years. 


Cricket is a very quirky and fun horse! He likes to play games in the arena and often thinks it’s the most exciting thing in the world to have a run around his paddock. He enjoys holiday program the most where he can teach beginner riders the ropes of every aspect of horses and horse care. You’ll see Cricket in the yards ready for lessons most days, especially when the weather is sunny.


Tommy is one of our experienced dressage ponies. He is for the more experienced smaller adult riders or the tough kids who are up for a bit of a challenge. Even though Tommy excels in the dressage arena he loves to have a play at the show jumping and will give anything a go. He’s a very loving and smoochy pony once he gets to know you. 


Buffy is our resident land whale! You’ll always see her with hay in her mouth or trying to find more. She loves going for rides into cross country and taking her time with things. Buffy is more suited to the experienced riders who can use their legs and keep her going as she’s not one to choose to go forward! 


Harmony is one of our beautiful broodmares. She unfortunately had a paddock accident which meant she had to retired from her riding career but has since produced a lovely foal, Encore Khaleesi. You might not see her around Encore very often, but she definitely makes her presence known with her loud neighing and mischievous attitude, always getting up to no good.


Tigger is another one of our golden oldies. He is owned by Sam who has had him for the last 10 years. Tigger was originally a riding horse but was retired so that he could live out his days fat and happy in a paddock. He loves to have a run around with his paddock mates and never lets his ripe old age of 25 get in the way of that. He was Sam’s first horse, she even has a tattoo of him on her arm! 


Goodie is a Jack of all Trades! He loves to show off his dressage skills as well us kick up his heels in the show jumping arena. Goodie is an absolute gentleman and loves receiving love and kisses off the riders. He will quite happily take a munch on a carrot if you’ve got one to offer so be sure to bring some down for your next lesson. 


Lizzie is a new school horse here at Encore, so stay tuned to find out some exciting information about her in the near future! 


Molly is one of our experienced horses here at Encore who is used to give riders that extra bit of a challenge once at a certain level! She’s a very sweet mare who loves nothing more than spending her days smooching up to her paddock friends and munching on some hay. 


Peg excels in both the dressage and show jumping arena. She can adapt super well to any rider from beginner through to experienced riders.  Peg is a super relaxed horse and takes everything in her stride, she even gets used for staff training days! Just like every other horse here at Encore she is a very valued member of the team.


Reggie is our big gentle giant. Although standing at 17hh he is the world’s biggest smooch. He loves nothing more than coming in for a groom and a cuddle. Reggie has beautiful education under his belt and is suited to the more experienced riders. He holds the nickname of “the dinosaur” here at Encore. 


The name says it all. He is cute, small and everyone loves him! Jellybean loves to teach younger riders the basics of riding and horse care. He will happily stand all day for the young riders while they brush and decorate him, which makes him even cuter! Jellybean is a recent addition to the riding school but quickly proved his worth by being an all-round super pony! 


Chad is cute, handsome and a little bit cheeky. He’s definitely a typical pony, always finding somewhere, or someone, to poke his head into. He is a very versatile pony who can be used for almost all levels of riding! 


Ninna is a very sweet little mare who tries her heart out in everything. She is a new addition to the school so you probably haven’t seen her just yet. Stayed tuned to hear more about her.


Bambi has been at Encore since the start, she is a very seasoned pony who looks forward to the school holiday program where she can let kids obsess over her. You’re likely to see her with food in her mouth because she’s a typical pony – eats anything and everything! She prefers to stay with her best friend Pebbles, who she’s known for years now. 


Bridie is a very educated little pony. Standing at 11hh means she’s suited to younger experienced riders or small adults. She’s a very speedy pony who loves to please her rider and strut her stuff in the arena. Bridie enjoys her work in the school and looks forward to coming in almost every day! 


Ollie is a new member of the schoolie team here at Encore. He is a big gentle giant, much like Reggie. Ollie stands at 17hh and with his quiet nature and steady footing, he makes an amazing school horse! He can’t wait to start doing more lessons and progressing riders through the levels.


Aiesha is a new member of the team so stay tuned to hear more about her! 


Cappy is a beautiful 15.3hh chestnut thoroughbred. He loves to please his rider and tries his hardest at everything in life. Cappy has a really sweet nature and enjoys meeting new riders. You’ll find Cappy peacefully snoozing in the yards as he loves to take any opportunity to nap!


Prada is a new member of the team so stay tuned to hear more about her!


Teddy is a funky and quirky horse. He’s an Appaloosa x Thoroughbred and is highly trained in dressage! Getting up to medium level with his previous owner means he makes an amazing school horse for the more experienced riders to learn on. He is a very forgiving horse and just wants to help people learn the ropes of dressage. You will see Teddy eagerly waiting for his next lesson in the yards.


Little Miss Cleo is a beautiful Paint x mare. She is currently being used a broodmare but has some training under her belt. Cleo is one of the most amazing horses we’ve ever met and we are very excited for the future with her! She is a very sensible horse and is loved by everyone.


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