Sammi is the founder and director of Encore Equestrian Centre.

With an extensive history of working within the equine industry she then was offered an opporunity she could not refuse. 

Being the director of Encore, Sammi does a bit of everything but her main focus for the moment is on running the business and training horses.



Kacey has been working in the equine industry for almost 10 years. She has also been working as a strength and conditioning coach, which has given her a great deal of experience in coaching and educating people of all ages.


Her education and experience with the human body and performance of elite athletes has given her substantial understanding of the biomechanics of the body and equestrian sports.

Coach | Events & Education Leader


Suzannah has been working for Encore since the centre opened in 2015 and has gained valuable experience in that time.


Prior to working for Encore she had engaged in extensive rider training allowing her to be a competent and knowledgeable 

rider and coach.

Coach | School Horse and Agistment Co-ordinator


Steph began working at Encore in January 2018 and has since rapidly become a valued and reliable member of the Encore family. Steph is a total horse nerd with a Bachelor

of Equine Studies and is an Equine

Massage Therapist. 


She is currently studying Equine Functional Anatomy and is incredibly passionate about riding and training in a way that positively influences the horse’s bio-mechanics.



Scarlet began working at Encore when she had finished her work experience and we didn't want her to go. She has progressed to a very admired coach and is a valued member of the Encore team. 

She is due to finish her schooling very soon, and we look forward to her being a full time working pupil here at Encore.



Jess has been working for encore on and off since we opened in 2015.

She has been working in the equine Industry for 12 years and has gained a lot of experience through courses and hands on learning and general life experience working with horses.

Jess loves to compete in show jumping in her own time and enjoys coaching students of all ages and abilities. 



Sarah has worked in office administration for the last 10 years, this includes receptionist at a dance studio and the rates department at a local council. Her extensive office knowledge provides encore with valuable daily business operations and extensive customer service skills.


Although Sarah is our least horsey staff member, she has basic horse knowledge and picks up information & skills at a rapid pace.


You will find Sarah in the office doing the day to day stuff, PR and Coordinating the marketing of Encore.

This is managing Facebook, Instagram, designing our monthly newsletter & running student of the month and other small in house competitions.

Office Administration


Shane is the maintenance man and farmhand at Encore.

He’s the one who works tirelessly behind the scenes fixing everything that gets broken where possible, mowing lawns, spraying weeds, poo-picking and distributing the hay bales.

Farm Hand



Agistment with Andy

Visit: 37-39 Tootal Road, Dingley Village VIC

Phone: 0415 307 518




Riding Lessons & Agistment with Sammi

Visit: 250 O'Grady's Road, Kilmore East VIC

Phone: 0413 464 469



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